Aiming and pulling out a gun is basically the same action and it does not feel good

(this is a duplicate of a steam forum post i made hence i am not sure where to leave feedback)

Bigger guns have a noticable animation when you pull them out. You have to wait for this animation to play out every time you stop aiming and every time you start aiming amidst a gunfight.

It is especially annoying when fighting with shotguns, since you usually need to close in, and then wait for the animation to finish while staying right in front of the enemy. Also, if you happend to stop aiming before reloading, you'll have to wait for: gun holstering, gun unholstering and only then - reload.

Every time you kick, your character ends up with a holstered gun (despite holding the gun in her hands during the kick animation). Unholstering animation is just as long as enemy stagger for some weapons, which pevents you from capitalizing on stagger effect.

Suggestion: just make it like in Bethesda games - holding reload key will hostler/unholster gun (aiming also pulls the gun out).

Under consideration Suggested by: Syler19839 Upvoted: 12 Jul, '22 Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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