Rework Stealth (because Stealth is awesome)

Hello there! I like what you do, congrats to the team! I feel the game is great but stealth is a bit disappointing today. Here are a couple of suggestions :

-Improve the feedback on enemies viewcones
-Add long-distance non-lethal options and tools, introduce them early in the game
-Improve feedback on when an item is invisible, bushes for example seem a bit random today
-Improve diversion items, and...
-...add feedback on noise: what's the detecting distance of my footsteps while walking?! And the noise the item will do when dropped on the floor?

Mimimi did an awesome job with stealth, with cool mechanics, maybe there is inspiration there :)


In Patch 1.03 Suggested by: Piwoailles Upvoted: 12 Jul, '22 Comments: 14

Comments: 14

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