Inventory Sorting

When looking at your inventory outside of your actual characters inventory screen (say, in the bank or on a follower) it gets very cluttered very fast. One way to make it less annoying would be an option to auto-sort it so at the very least the same kind of items is placed next to each other.

As an example, I was just putting some silver nuggets into my bank, and I was wondering if had enough to upgrade a weapon, but because I had put a lot of other stuff into my bank since my first deposit of silver, the two piles of silver wheren't even able to show on the screen at the same time, because it was sorted solely based by when you put it in. This makes the entire thing very cluttered, as you can easily miss item X because there's no logic as to where it is.

Under consideration Suggested by: Baldie Upvoted: 10 Oct, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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